Augustt Lyte

      Augustt Lyte is the brand name for DJ, music promoter and entrepreneur Augustt Light Selorm. Born in Agbozume on January 24 1992 to Mr. Oliver Augustt and Mrs Favour Augustt, Augustt Lyte started life as a music inclined boy. Even at his younger age, he was always calmed by music. At the age of 4 he began making melodies with a mouth organ. Most of these melodies were popular songs that were being played all around. At the age of 6 he picked interest in his church’s musical band. The band section was his favorite spot in church and he was usually seen imitating them anytime they played. Growing up, his love for music only increased as he spent his money on scan fm radios walkmans, audio cassettes and many other things of the like. He was mainly seen with DJs at family parties, engagements, weddings and most of all, wake keepings.

      At the age of 10, Augustt Lyte was able to remember every song title he hears, the artiste and sometimes the lyrics. This got him to successfully create an imaginary mix which played in his head till he got a local DJ (Banger) to create the recording of the mix for him. This mix counted as his first mixtape. He played it to his friends and other locals who seemed to really enjoy it.

      At age 12, he moved to Accra to further his studies in junior high school. This was a bit difficult for him to adjust to because he was no longer attending functions and no longer could he buy cassettes. As time went on, Augustt Lyte discovered places in Accra where he could purchase CDs and a walkman. Soon, he discovered a videogame center where he often went to play music for gamers. With the help of the owner of the game center, Augustt Lyte created a ‘selection’ mix CD for the game center. It was loved by many to the extent that other game centers asked him to create CDs for them too. In exchange for the CDs, Augustt Lyte got to play unlimited games for free. Even though it was a great performance socially, these actions were killing his educational life though his grades were still outstanding. He would often ditch school for the game centers and sometimes internet cafés (for music videos and games). For fear he might end up dropping out of school, Augustt Lyte was sent miles away from Accra to pursue his senior high school. He went to St Peter’s senior high school in Nkwatia, Kwahu. There, he again adjusted to the system. He helped some of his seniors write songs for their school tracks and partook greatly in school entertainment programs. It was no surprise that he was the first freshman to be chosen to be part of the school’s entertainment committee. On board the committee, he helped in the creation of mixes for performances which offered him the chance to learn how to use Adobe Audition, a music editing program. In his second year, he was retained on the new board of the entertainment committee. In this year, he worked alongside the late Dominic Bulley (D-Mag) younger brother of ace music producer, Magnom beats. Augustt Lyte learned a lot from D Mag including the use of programs like FL Studio 7, Steinberg Cubase and Wavelab. Although not perfect, he began creating demo beats for his school mates.

     In order to help his beats go far, he started a clique he called Southside GH in 2009. Their main focus was to help promote the songs made by their students. Southside GH wasn’t really a success due to low funds and inconsistency. In his 3rd and fourth year, Augustt Lyte found himself on the executive board of the entertainment committee and was one of the two official school DJs. Still creating beats, he tried becoming a rapper, but that didn’t work out too well as he was too lazy to write raps. He therefore stuck to his demo beats and helped other students write their raps instead.

     After high school, Augustt Lyte went on to work with Maximum records, a local (madina) based label and Bluprynt entertainment (Baby skillions) as a demo beatmaker. He revived Southside GH, the promo agency he started back in 09 with the help of a few old members and some new faces. Together, they were able to promote a few artistes into the mainstream mostly through Facebook, Twitter whatsapp and other social networks. Due to school and how demanding academic work was, Southside GH became dormant. Augustt went on to work with Kuvie, then at Primitive medium. He promoted artistes and songs produced by Kuvie. He took a diversion few months later to intern with Aya Morrison, a fashion designer. With Aya, Augustt Lyte still worked in line. He was a social media marketer and product promoter.

      In 2012, Augustt Lyte accidentally found himself DJing to his friends. In a room full of boys and girls who were getting ready to go for a birthday party, Augustt sat behind his roommate’s laptop and started playing his favorite songs in succession in the popular DJ program, Virtual DJ. Unknown to him, those in the room has caught the vibe and in no time, the party was moved to his room. After that incident, one friend who was present at the other party invited him to come DJ at her drink up which he reluctantly accepted. He couldn’t really deal with the pressure of having people coming up to him asking him to come and DJ at their parties. This was also mainly because he was still using his roommate’s laptop.

     In September 2013 Augustt got his own laptop he could use to DJ. He started by organizing events in the name of Southside GH and got gigs to go with. Due to academic pressure, he wasn’t able to handle commercial events. Despite that fact, he still went on small events on TV (Cypher on First TV) and a couple of parties. He still went ahead and created mixtapes as well as his personal remixes of popular songs, and hosted them as podcasts on Podomatic, iTunes and Youtube.

      In 2015, Augustt got the chance to travel outside Ghana. While he was out, he built contacts in the USA and became a link to digital music distribution giant (Tunecore) for many up and coming artistes in Ghana. He gave them the opportunity to promote their songs on platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Shazam, Deezer to name a few. He got to play at events in Nigeria and Benin and was hailed in Benin as the first ever Anglophone DJ to ‘shake up’ a Francophone club.

      In July 2016, Augustt become a part of Kuvie’s new record house, Villain Sounds. He joined the label as a promoter and social media strategic marketer. In the same month, he scored a deal to DJ at O2 lounge, a lounge/club in Osu, Ghana. Augustt Lyte launched a project called the AugustTakeover in August 2016. This project consisted of three (3) mixtapes and one (1) track. Also, as part of the AugustTakeover project, Augustt Lyte offered a “book for free” service for the month of August. This gave the public the chance to book Augustt Lyte’s services free of charge.

Credit: Bryan Larry Davids (Blogger)

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