What The #AugustTakeover Really Is


WHAT IS THE #AugustTakeover?

The #AugustTakeover is the code-name for a series of projects I plan on releasing this August. These projects include three (3) mixtapes and one song.

The mixtapes, the “Season Finale” of my CODED range of tapes, will feature a Ghanaian edition, a Nigerian edition and an African edition.

The Ghanaian edition of these tapes will feature music strictly by Ghanaian artistes. It is mainly projected at engaging Ghanaian audiences, both home and abroad. A perfectly selected playlist to feed the Ghanaian music-hungry. It is also projected to officially put me on the Ghanaian music DJ scene.

Secondarily, it will seemingly be my stepping stone to gaining some recognition at the annual DJ awards.

The Nigerian edition of the tapes will feature music from popular Nigerian acts. Songs that popularized in Nigeria. This mixtape is strictly Nigerian music oriented. It is projected at engaging Nigerian audiences, both home and abroad. I personally enjoyed working on this mixtape because it was a bit challenging. From the selection of songs, to rating them, cross-referencing and mixing them. It is my hope that this mix will be enjoyed by my Nigerian friends and family, as well as all music lovers.

The African edition of the mixtapes will feature music from all across the motherland. Music from Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, La Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon and South Africa. It is officially the final episode in the first season of my CODED mixtapes. After this episode, i will take a break on the CODED mixtape series to focus on new projects.

The track, titled Adigoue Gboun Gboun, is a refix of an original song performed by Vano Baby (a Beninese rapper). The song is performed in Fongbe (a Beninese local language). I stumbled on it by “accident” back in April, while in study in Benin. I loved the rhythm and even though i did not understand the lyrics, i rode with the flow. I contacted the management of Vano Baby and after talks, i managed to obtain distribution rights to the song in Ghana, Nigeria and The United States of America. The management also granted my request to edit the song to my deemed suitability on the basis that the ownership rights to the record remain unchanged. I’m pretty sure you all will enjoy the song as my friends and I were able to link the song to the trending “dab” dance move.

On the whole, I hope you enjoy these projects as much as i enjoyed creating them for you. Don’t forget to share the news, buy the songs, like the pages, follow the accounts and distribute the tapes. And remember Augustt can only take over with your help.

Join the trend with the hashtag #AugustTakeover on all social media platforms.