LISTEN: #TWENTY5 (The Birthday Mixtape)



#TWENTY5 (The Birthday Mixtape)

Yesterday 25th January marked the release of my Birthday Mixtape (#TWENTY5). The mixtape first went live on iTunes at about 17h GMT and instantly started receiving a good deal in relation to downloads. A little while after, it went live on this website. A few minutes later, i took the mixtape down. It went off all blogs, iTunes and here. The reason was because, there was a particular part of the tape that had production errors. These errors were due to a software malfunction during the exportation of the final work from Steinberg Wavelab. The problem was rectified though. With the help of a few hardworking guys in my team (TDMTL) the mixtape was back on all earlier released to platforms by 23h GMT. I wish to express my profound gratitude to everyone for your patience and the great numbers the tape is getting in downloads, especially on iTunes.

LISTEN TO #TWENTY5 NOW click here to download


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