#TWENTY5 (The Birthday Mixtape) drops on 25th January at 18h GMT


Much noise was made about it on social media and I’m sure it’s worth it. After a long wait, I’ve finally decided to release an old school hip-hop mixtape. #TWENTY5 is a blend of my favorite old school hip-hop and R&B songs that i enjoyed at least 10 years ago. Yes, you read right; songs in this mix are all at least 10 years old. Critics who reviewed the pre-mastered mix said it is a mixtape worth listening to.

“The songs reminded me of the days when i was in the University. Those days when we used to feel all cool with our ‘2pac bandanas’,  riding out BMX bikes and singing along to them all round campus” – Rudolf Peterson (Music Director at Cavillam Music School, Benin)

“I really loved the way the songs were mixed. Unlike most old school DJs who let you listen to all the boring parts of songs before they change it; making you wish you could skip the songs. In #TWENTY5, you wanna listen to everything” – Seth Darko (UK based Ghanaian actor)

“I think this is your first mixtape I’ve listened to, Augustt Lyte but basing on it, I can say you are goooood” – Aurelia Ahey (Model)

Like all my mixtapes, it will be available on my iTunes page as a podcast. Click here to access my mixtapes page to listen. I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who supported in the making of this tape, those who criticized constructively and all those who download my tapes on a regular.

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